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You write to communicate to the hearts and minds of others what’s burning inside you. And we edit to let the fire show through the smoke. —Arthur Plotnik

First-time author? • Non-native-English speaker? • Busy professional? •
Published author? • Turning your blog into a book?

The gap between what you want to say and how to say it is often clouded. I help writers of any experience level to bridge that gap. Whether you’re writing a book, article, or blog post or simply have an idea you want to develop, I will bring an objective perspective to your project, guiding you forward.

Editing: No one definition of editing will fit every project. I edit people’s writing by polishing grammar, punctuation, spelling, and consistency (copyediting); enhancing clarity, flow, and organization (substantive editing); brainstorming to help authors map out their concepts, including developing an outline/table of contents and identifying areas that require additional research (developmental editing).

Coaching: I meet with authors on a regular schedule (either in person in Atlanta or via phone/email) to give them encouragement and feedback on their writing and to teach them writing techniques. I help them to realize their vision for their project by coaching them through the writing process and helping them to develop more confidence in their abilities.

Manuscript Critiquing: I review manuscripts (books, book proposals, articles, reports, etc.) and make suggestions about the content and organization. Before you spend a lot of time revising your manuscript, I can help you pinpoint areas for improvement so you can effectively direct your efforts.

Project Management: I offer organized and efficient project management for publishers and self-published authors. From assisting with content, writing, and copyediting to supervising the indexing, proofreading, layout, and printing, I will keep projects on time and on budget.

Cost: Every author and every piece of writing requires different treatment. The length of the manuscript, the type of editing and feedback needed, and countless other details vary from project to project. Send me your manuscript, or a sample, and let’s discuss what level of editing or coaching you need, your time frame, and your budget. Then I can provide a free, no-obligation quote. I am competitive with other skilled editing professionals, however, I do not compete on price alone.

    Areas of Expertise:
  • Architecture
  • Architectural and design history
  • Industrial design
  • Landscape architecture
  • Garden history
  • Historic preservation
  • Green design and sustainable lifestyles
  • Fiction
  • Memoir
  • Business
  • General nonfiction
    Style Guides I Work With:
  • Chicago Manual of Style
  • AP
  • APA
  • House style guides